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Randolph Economic Development Corporation

working for a stronger FUTURE in RANDOLPH COUNTY

Rooted in a proud tradition, Randolph County, Indiana is planting seeds for a powerful future. Cultivating Community is a new approach to tackling challenges and pursuing opportunities. It is a mindset and model that builds off past success while enabling innovative ways to grow the place we call home.


Why cultivating community matters

Randolph County Rationale for Paradigm Change

Like all of East Central Indiana and the majority of rural counties around the country, Randolph County has encountered many challenges over the years: population loss, economic decline, and a public health crisis in the form of the opioid epidemic and accessibility issues.

Also like many counties, the appropriate responses to these challenges have been misunderstood or addressed by traditional economic development approaches, like an exclusive focus on business attraction. The leadership of Randolph County has come to realize that the current, traditional approach is just not working.

Despite these challenges, Randolph County also offers a host of benefits and future potential. There are new investments in county, and strong civic engagement. Of course, the greatest strength and biggest promise of Randolph County is our people and relationships . In order to capitalize on these benefits and opportunities, we need to make different, more strategic investments than we have in the past, starting now.

The Randolph Economic Development Corporation wants to build on our strengths and tackle our challenges, and help build a long-term, sustainable future for the people of Randolph County. This requires a new approach, one that truly understands and takes into consideration all the assets and liabilities of our county, not just the financial ones. We need an approach that considers the short and long term impacts of our investments, and how those investments will or will not benefit the quality of life in our county.  

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Randolph County

A rich history and a strong future.

In partnership with the Indiana Communities Institute of Ball State University, we are developing a process that will help us:

• Look at assets and liabilities of Randolph County’s communities comprehensively;

• Develop a decision framework to effectively invest in our community, and capitalize on economic and community development opportunities;

• Identify potential short- and long-term projects.

Over the next year, we will be actively engaged in the communities of Randolph County by hosting community meetings and assisting Ball State with qualitatively data gathering. In the end, we expect to have a comprehensive understanding of our strengths, challenges, and opportunities that will inform future investment decisions to the long-term, sustainable benefit of our communities and our county.